Bodrum Municipality Mayor


2016-10-24 08:55
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Bodrum Municipality Dive Team Has Began Seabed Cleaning in Gökova Gulf which is a ''Blue Voyage'' Route with the Slogan '' Following the Footsteps of Cevat Şakir in Gökova.''

'' Blue is the Colour of the Sea'' seabed cleaning campaign which included Peninsula's bays was initiated by Bodrum Municipality three years ago. Under this campaign, dive teams are cleaning the seabeds in Gökova Bays with a different slogan. Bodrum Municipality's Dive team which consists of 11 divers and diving instructor Arman Atiktaş, joined the cleaning campaign which started off in ''Gerence'' bay with ''Selene'' a wooden boat and the ''Solid Waste Collection Vessel'' Venüs.

The seabed cleaning of Gökova which is an essential route of the  Blue Voyage in which Fisherman of Halikarnas Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı often discusses his novel, stories and poetry, is conducted by Bodrum Municipality teams and also supported by Bodrum Seamen Association and Barbaros Yachting.

Bodrum Dive team started the cleaning works on the 70th Anniversary of Blue Voyage with the ''Following the Footsteps of Cevat Şakir in Gökova'' Under the programme schedule, they will clean the seabeds in Gerence, Büyük Çatı, Küçük Çatı, Börtübet, Yedi Adalar, Tuzla and Kıssebükü bays. The cleaning campaign which aims to clean the depths of Gökova bays in which most Blue Voyage boats visits, and increase the awareness of environmental protection, planned to last fşve days.

On Tuesday 25 October Coastguard underwater team will join the '' Following the Footsteps of Cevat Şakir in Gökova'' seabed cleaning campaign which is planned to be held each year at the end of the season

The last day of the campaign will be held in Kıssebükü, which is one of the most important stops of the Blue Voyage.